Spartan Up!

Why should you look for for any other motivation? Get the mindset! Very well organized manual of how a Spartan is born, lives and seeks challenges!

Training Our Cops For Combat

If you read the world news headlines it’s easy to find articles about terrorist acts being committed in other countries and how the specific country’s military responded. This is a common theme all around the world. Terrorist group commits act – country’s selected military unit responds. Why is that? Because terrorists commit acts of violence…

Tourniquet Carrying Options

A Pinellas County Deputy shows an option on how to carry his tourniquet without adding another pouch to his gun belt. Great idea!

Challenging yourself! SPARTAN RACE

Spartan Blog SPARTAN RACE Spartan Race is on a mission to get you active, healthy, excited about change, and return to our ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty, and facing adversity was part of everyday life. Our events are all about challenging today’s perception of normal. Our events challenge the familiar, today’s perception…