First Aid CPR/AED Training the easy way! The Blended Way!

Many of us know how important it is to keep our First Aid CPR/AED skills updated. The issue most of us have is finding the time to get trained. Many training companies have noticed this market trend and have developed a fully online (no class-room) First Aid CPR/AED option. While most of these online courses seem to be the quickest or best option, one has to consider several facts. The most crucial aspect would be to try to determine if the course is actually backed or accredited by a nationally recognized organization like the American Health & Safety Institute.

Another essential thing to consider would be what kind of certification id offered if at all. Most of the courses that just offered online are, in fact, awareness courses. Awareness courses do indeed have their place in our community as they contribute to the overall goal for a safe community, however, if you require a two certification, you may find that these awareness courses are not the answer. So, what kind of options exist that would allow one to manage their time more efficiently and yet received an accredited certification?

BLENDED Training allows anyone to sign up online and take the required course content while in the comfort of their own home and schedule a short skills session to finalize the requirements for their certification. In most cases, a skills session will average about two and a half hours of your time!

To learn more contact 727 504-0036 and get that certification or re-certification done!



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