Where and How Should I Carry My Tourniquet?

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1st Responders Tactical & Safety Training

There are many Law Enforcement agencies throughout our country that  have adopted the Combat Casualty Care concept. These agencies have acknowledged that times are somewhat diffrent and the need to update their training. In many cases, the adoption of this concept initiates at the administrative level and flows down throughout  the agency via memo and policy updates/change.

We all know that, an inherent by-product of this process, is the misinterpretation or  lack of understanding of the changes. For example, when an agency purchases GSW (Gunshot Wound Kit) kits for their personnel, the message needs to be clear that these kits have to be placed in their vehicles in one common location, preferably within arms reach of the driver.

It also has to be clear that the tourniquet should probably be carried on their person and not stowed in the kit, which for the most part will remian in their police vehicle.  So, then the imfanous question arises each and every time. Where and…

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