TCCC Guidelines Vented Chest Seal Change

1st Responders Tactical & Safety Training

Management of Open Pneumothorax in the Tactical Environment – TCCC Guidelines Change 13-02

Frank K. Butler, MD; Joseph J. Dubose, Lt Col, MC, USAF; Edward J. Otten, MD; Donald R. Bennett, CAPT, MC, USN; Robert T. Gerhardt, COL, MC, USA; Bijan S. Kheirabadi, PhD; Kirby R. Gross, COL, MC, USA; Andrew P. Cap, LTC, MC, USA; Lanny F. Littlejohn, CDR, MC, USN; Erin P. Edgar, COL, MC, USA; Stacy A. Shackelford, Col, MC, USAF; Lorne H. Blackbourne, COL, MC, USA; Russ S. Kotwal, COL, MC, USA; John B. Holcomb, MD; Jeffrey A. Bailey, Col, MC, USAF


During the recent U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) and Joint Trauma System (JTS) assessment of prehospital trauma care in Afghanistan, the Deployed Director of the Joint Theater Trauma System (JTTS), CAPT Don Bennett, questioned why TCCC recommends treating a non-lethal injury (open pneumothorax) with an intervention (a non-vented chest seal) that could produce…

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