First Responder Go-Bag Refill Kit

After returning from my overseas tour, I was given an assignment within the training unit at my agency. It didn’t take long before I realized that there were some shortfalls to the First Aid and Self First Aid program we were offering.

The most outstanding concern was the lack of training concerning the use and deployment of a tourniquet. After taking a good look at our program, I proposed a lesson plan, which included the purpose and use of the tourniquet.  It was approved after a short review and the trend began. Slowly, I was able to affect the entire agency, by exposing them to tourniquet training.

This is when I realized the enormous communication gap between our Military and Law Enforcement agencies. I began a personal campaign to bring attention to the fact that our soldiers (young as they may be) are considered trainable in combat life saving skills by our government and most of the Law Enforcement agencies in our country consider this type of training,”out of the realm or scope” and perhaps too difficult.


The Need For Training

That fact of the matter is that the skills needed to become proficient in combat life saving skills can be taught to police officers in the same manner it’s taught to soldiers. It’s common knowledge that special units have this type of training, but what about the patrol officer?

I often make this statement when I’m asked to sum up my reasons or inspirations for writing my book, A Police Officer’s Guide and Handbook to Tactical Casualty Care (Under Fire). When a Deputy or Police Officer approaches the next door of the next house on the next call and they get shot through the front door, for the next several minutes they may be fighting for their lives. During those few moments, he or she is in “COMBAT.”  So then, why do we fail to prepare them for this increasingly common event?

For the most part, the response is just silence. I strongly believe that there is no reason our patrol officers should be at a disadvantage.

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