Developing a Blow Out Kit

When it comes to putting together a decent Gun Shot Kit or commonly know as a “Blow Out Kit”  I have found this article to pretty much explain it well.

Developing a Blow Out Kit.


What ever you decide on, make sure you train and train again!!!!!


One thought on “Developing a Blow Out Kit

  1. The article is relatively technical but all the techniques described are doable with a little training and a strong stomach. Of course, if this is for a partner, squadmate, or family member you would likely do anything if it meant saving their life!
    The article mentions this but it needs to be said again; the importance of a blow out kit is olny outweighed by the importance of having it when its needed. That means not at home, in the station, or in your vehicle. It means having it on your person. You don’t have the luxuary of planning when your crisis will occur nor where. Likely it is going to occur when and where you can’t get to that safe place youv’e imagined. On that thought, plan to carry a some kit essentials on your person regularly.

    Have and not need is always a better way to travel!

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