Realistic Training Starts With You!

When assigned training dates for a required in-service training, do you look at your calendar and sigh with  disappointment or do you look forward in participating?  The truth? Everyone is well aware of all of our busy schedules and  life styles. Keeping that in mind, trainers are challenged to get participants motivated or in “the mood” to train.

In order to take full advantage of the training prepared, it’s important that participants come prepared. Not only mentally, but with the required equipment requested to accomplish the training goals.   With all of the current events, we are focused more and more in providing training that will prepare everyone to deal with societies trends.

The call for more and more training is heard everywhere, however no one answers how to accomplish that with the manpower shortages many agencies are experiencing.  As a result, we realize how valuable training actually has become.

Training Tip – If your attending training with a gun belt that was specifically purchased for training, your setting yourself  up for failure!  Train as you fight and where the gear you wear on the street.

So, the next time your looking down at your calendar, making arrangements around your training dates, take advantage of the opportunity and make sure you have all of the necessary equipment and the right mind set.


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