Tactical Casualty Care (Under Fire)

A Police Officers Guide and Handbook to Tactical Casualty Care (Under Fire)
List Price: $14.99
About the author:
Deputy Rafael Navarro is currently serving in the Law enforcement Training Division of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Florida. in law enforcement since 2000, he has served 4 years with the SWAT team, 3 years in the Community Policing Unit.Certified as an evaluator/instructor for Defensive Tactics, ASP, Firearms, Vehicle operations, Advanced Taser & Taser X26, Chemical munitions, less-lethal, flash bang and Aerosol certification. Basic submachine gun certification and Basic SWAT school certification.Retired SFC/E-7 after 21 Years of military service with the United States Army, Military Police Corps, and 24 months in Afghanistan in support of combat operations during Operation Enduring Freedom.

A Police Officers Guide and Handbook to Tactical Casualty Care (Under Fire)

First Aid and Self First Aid for Law Enforcement

Authored by Rafael Navarro
Guest editor William L. Byrd

To provide law enforcement personal with the concepts of Tactical Casualty Care, create an understanding on how it directly relates to Police Officers. Provide the lifesaving skills required. Establish guidelines as to how, when and where these concepts should be applied.





2 thoughts on “Tactical Casualty Care (Under Fire)

  1. R. Navarro your book is class A, and your knowledge of Officer’s/Deputies wellingness to survive during a deadly force encounter starts within yourself. Great Job BROTHER… Rod D.

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